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The Association For Educator Benefits

From simple school supplies to classroom grants, the mission of TAFEB is to save or give money back to teachers.

About Us


TAFEB, is a non political, not for profit that was founded by educators and exist for the sole purpose of giving money and support directly to the classroom and it’s teachers. With over 200,000 discounts and access to items at deeply discounted educator rates, combined with the scholarship and classroom grant programs, the mission for TAFEB is to give support directly to as many classrooms in each school in each state. TAFEB is a non profit 501c(3) association focused exclusively on the Educator. Our mission is to provide direct funding to you and your classrooms on a consistent basis. We know that collectively, educators pay 1.6 BILLION dollars annually out of their pockets for supplies alone. Putting money back in your pockets is the mission for TAFEB.   SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE MEMBERSHIP

Who We Are


Every member of the TAFEB board has, at one time or another, spent time in the classroom as a teacher. This is what allows us to understand what teachers need, what teachers value and what things help in the everyday life of a teacher.

Teachers pay dues to many organizations who claim that they will bring you pay raises. FACT, the average union employee makes substantially more than the average teacher. Bottom line, in many instances teachers have paid more in union dues than they have received in pay raises. So, we'll charge you nothing. Our specialty is not begging for money, but rather having you keep more of what you already have. 

As a benefit, now assists with retirement

Unbiased Retirement Planning

After a good amount of feedback from our members, TAFEB  now makes available to educators non biased retirement planning through our Public Employees Pension Advocate initiative, ( Because we are a non profit, our top mission is to make available to educators expert advice...period. Any proceeds from this service are directed to TAFEB and is given to educators in the form of additional classroom grants.  

Our volunteer advisors are knowledgeable in all areas of your state retirement plans as well as your district approved vendors. To schedule a meeting with a recommended local provider or for more information send an email to


TAFEB Partners With Peertopia

TAFEB Adds Peertopia

Newly Launched Peertopia, a San Francisco start-up, operates an Online Marketplace and Jobs Board for Teachers and Administrators. Teachers  can create, post, and sell digital content on Peertopia. Administrators can post open positions within their schools & districts on Peertopia.
 Monthly  market reach:  
 4 million Teachers 5 million Homeschoolers 6 million Consumers. 


TAFEB Partners with Proliability powered by Mercer



You insure everything you value in your life… But have you insured your career? Mercer provides you one-stop access to program information and no-obligation quotes tailored to the professions it protects. Mercer makes it easy for you to obtain the liability coverage you need by evaluating available options and endorsing the program that can best serve our members’ needs. Without question, that program is Our Educator's Professional Liability Insurance offers extensive coverage, expert legal counsel to represent your best interests and reimburses all of your approved legal expenses!

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The power of TAFEB, combined with our relationship with allows educators unprecedented savings and funds for the classroom. All this, at no cost to you.

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